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I have spent most of my time dedicated to underwater photography over many years and still enjoy doing this today. Although this is mostly in Bali these days I will still keep this part of my site updated as well as links to all my older galleries. I will also continue to do trip reports, which can be accessed in the links below. You can also find some information on some of my local sites that I frequent in links here as well. Diving and underwater photography have been a big part of my life but I am spending much more time pursuing different interests with my camera.
trip reports
Although I have done most of my diving in and around Perth, Western Australia I have been lucky enough to do a few extended trips further a field over the years. These adventures have taken me to some great diving sites in Australia including The SS Yongala in Queensland, two trips to the Rowley Shoals and a great two-week trip to Exmouth. I have also spent a lot of time in Bali and many of my trip reports of late are about these visits. Although the diving in Tulamben doesn’t change much I will do my best to make these reports as informative as possible in the hope of providing a bit of useful information about each individual visit. If you have any questions about any of the locations on here then feel free to contact me.
A Nikonos V with several lenses was the tool of my choice until late 2004 when I was dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age. My obvious path was to a digital SLR housed system and after much research I decided on a Canon 300D and Aquatica housing.
Only by using this camera for three years was I able to find its weaknesses which include one command dial, limited dynamic range and sometimes slow focusing. In early 2008 I purchased a 40D which addressed the shortcoming’s of the 300D. I have since added a 50D body which fits in the same housing.
All underwater photographs on this site (unless otherwise noted) were taken with these setups along with the following lenses (Sigma 50mm f2.8 EX DG) - (Canon EFS 18 - 55 Kit Lens) - (Canon 100mm f2.8 USM Macro) - (Canon 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 EF-S USM) - (Canon 40mm STM lens) and (Tokina 10-17 f3.5-4.5 Fisheye). I am using two off YS110a strobes with a YS90duo for backup. Other equipment includes the Aquatica flat port , Aquatica 8" dome port and shade and the appropriate extension rings as well as an assortment of strobe arms.
I have dived a number of sites around the southern parts of Western Australia but I do have a few favourites that have been the focus of a lot of my underwater photography. These include the famous Busselton Jetty and the purpose sunk wrecks of HMAS Swan in Geographe Bay, the Lena in Bunbury and HMAS Perth in Albany along with quite a few popular jetties and sites around Perth. I have put together a bit of information on each site with a basic guide to the area and creatures you may find there but these sites are constantly changing so keep that in mind. As with diving anywhere the conditions can vary quite a bit but on good days they can all be productive for underwater photography and can offer a wide variety of interesting subjects from wide angle to the smallest of macro.
dive sites
I have taken thousands of photographs over many years of diving in film as well as the digital format. My underwater galleries on this site concentrate solely on digital and prior to November 2015 are still in the old format from my previous website. They will probably stay this way for the immediate future. I have a number of galleries that span from before 2009 to the present day and cover many sites in Australia as well as many visits to Bali. I will be doing all galleries from November 2015 onwards in a new format and will limit the amount of images in each one to just my favourites. As with any other information on this site you are welcome to contact me if you require more precise details on the subjects in the images and I will help where I can.
Tulamben magic
Sea lion
Tulamben is a small seaside village about 100km from Denpasar in the north eastern region of Karangasem and is a place I have returned to many times over the past few years as it has become my home away from home. It is a very small village which now is mainly made up of dive resorts and numerous restaurants along the road that runs through the middle of town. The main attraction of Tulamben is the wreck of the USAT Liberty but there are many other dive sites. I go there mainly for the diving but am just as comfortable relaxing at the resort or spending time with the friends I have grown close to. There may be better places around the world to dive and more luxurious accommodation but the people here have made this my favourite location and I find I can just wind down and relax.
Mick Eidam Photography
Born in Adelaide, Australia I went to school locally and a subject that grabbed me at an early age was photography. I mostly had "hand me down" SLR cameras with a number of not so good lenses but I persisted and found a facination with black and white photography along with developing my own film. At an early age I developed an interest in underwater photography so at the age of 15 I built my own housing from perspex. In it I had a kodak instamatic camera that was very limited but, it worked. Still got it now! I moved to the West Coast when I was 16 and within  ........Read More
Perth , Western Australia
If you have any queries or need any info about any of the styles of photography on this site including my underwater work please feel free to contact me.